1080HVS (AND 1080LE)
50 (51) Matrix and 1Kv Hi-Pot

   Initially, single line rotary and eventually
   touch-tone® telephones required only the
   five wire cable supplied with the 1080D
   Telephone Analyzer.  The 1080LE was
   developed when multiline telephones
   appeared with 50 wire cables (with the 51st
   wire being the shell of the connector).  It
   was far too complex and time consuming
   for the average countermeasure technician to use so the 1080D continued to be relied on along with a good physical search.  Several manufacturers added three or five connectors to their analyzers with one of the connectors being active and the remaining with all of the pins and the shell shorted together and connected to the shell of the active connector.  There is a MAJOR problem with that philosophy.  For example, if a microphone or bypass is connected to the yellow/red and yellow/green of the active connector; it will be detected.  If, however, the yellow/red and yellow/green from one of the other connectors is wired in parallel with the existing yellow/red and yellow/green, the microphone or bypass is effectively shorted and will NOT be detected.

The 1080HVS was developed to compete with the 50 (51) pin gang but with the advent of fully integrated transistorized telephones, even a truly competent countermeasure technician could not be trusted with the 1Kv Hi-Pot section.  As a result, the 1080HVS was removed from the marketplace.  The 1080H telephone analyzer is still available.

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