The 2040B provides operational field checks for the 2030A Probe, 2050CA RF Detector and 1059/1059IR Optical Detector. The 2040B can serve as a general purpose signal source for testing many types of radio frequency (RF) or infrared (IR) countermeasure equipment. It contains a self-excited tone modulated oscillator that operates at five preset frequencies. The modulating tone also intensity modulates the RED light-emitting-diode (LED) at the top of the unit. The LED shows that power is ON.

The collapsible antenna and line plug both supply the output signal.  The 2040B operates on the internal 9 volt battery and not the AC line plug. Selecting the appropriate band determines the output frequency.  RF output is approximately 5 milliwatts (mW). Frequencies shown on the front of the unit are approximate and merely show the group within which the carrier will appear.

TESTING THE 2030 PROBE: Adjust the 2030/1059 for standard operation in the 1-5 MHz band. Insert the line plug of both the 2030 and 2040B into adjacent AC power receptacles. Turn the 2040B ON and place the band switch in the 5 MHz position. A tone heard from the 2030/1059 combination indicates proper functioning.

TESTING THE 2050CA DETECTOR: Adjust the 2050CA for standard operation in the 1-5 MHz band. Extend the antenna on the 2040B and turn the power ON. Hold the antenna of the 2050CA approximately 4 inches from the antenna of the 2040B. DO NOT ALLOW THE ANTENNAS TO TOUCH! Adjust the TUNING control on the 2050CA for maximum meter indication. Place the TONE/AUDIO switch in the AUDIO position. The tone from the 2040B indicates proper operation.

TESTING THE 1059IR OPTICAL DETECTOR: Adjust the 1059IR/1059 for  standard operation. Turn the 2040B power ON. From a distance of 4 to 6 inches point the 1059IR at the RED LED indicator on the 2040B. A tone indicates proper operation. Bear in mind that the probe detects in the IR region while the LED is in the visible region. The IR probe operates at roughly .01% efficiency in the visible region. Ranges to an IR source would be 5 to 50 feet.


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