The 2059HV is a very low frequency (VLF) detector that covers from approximately 5 to 200 Kilohertz (KHz). Many, but not ALL, tape recorders contain a bias oscillator that operates in this frequency range. The 2059HV indicates this bias oscillator radiation via a small signal light or vibrator. Detection ranges from 6 to 60 inches (15 to 150 centimeters).

OPERATION: Turn the unit ON by rotating the SENSITIVITY control in a clockwise direction. The POWER light emitting diode (LED) indicates that the unit is ON. Place the YELLOW SIGNAL switch in the DOWN position. Turn the SENSITIVITY control to maximum. If the RED signal light comes on, slowly decrease the SENSITIVITY until the light is barely extinguished. Pass the 2059HV probe over the suspect package or area. The RED SIGNAL light will indicate an operating tape recorder in the record mode. If a vibrating alarm is desired, place the YELLOW switch in the UP position.

The 2059HV may also be worn covertly. Remove the probe from the main detector assembly and plug it into the extension cable supplied. Pass the cable up through a shirt or coat sleeve and down to a pocket. Plug the cable into the PROBE jack on the detector and place it in the pocket.

The 2059HV draws approximately 8 milliamps in standby and 20 to 40 milliamps in the ON state. Normal battery life is approximately 40 hours. The unit is powered by two (2) 9 volt Alkaline batteries. To replace the batteries, loosen the two screws on the side of the detector assembly one or two turns. With the printed side down, carefully lift off the back cover. Remove the old batteries and replace with fresh ones. Replace the back cover, being careful not to pinch the battery leads. Tighten the two screws (don't over-tighten).


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