The 2099 detects magnetic fields usually associated with anti-disturbance devices such as magnetic door alarm switches. It also detects the magnetic field around a relay to determine whether or not the relay is activated.

The unit is supplied with a high sensitivity Hall Effect sensor probe, a medium sensitivity Hall Effect sensor probe, amplifier assembly and special 2000 ohm headset. Two 9 volt Alkaline batteries power the unit.

To Operate: Insert the probe into the PROBE jack. Insert the headset into the HEADSET jack. The headset is worn with the grey tube under the chin, with the sound holes facing 30 degrees forward. Turn the unit on and adjust the TONE SET control for minimum pitch tone. Pass the probe over the magnet within the unit and listen to the tone. Turn the probe over and again, observe the tone. When searching, always make two passes over the suspected area; one with each side of the probe.

Note: Five times as much current is drawn from one battery than the other. If they weaken, just switch battery positions. Normal battery life is approximately 50 hours of ON time.

As with any piece of electronic equipment, remove the batteries during periods of prolonged storage.

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