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Cockeysville, MD 21030 U.S.A.
TEL: (410) 252-8810    FAX: (410) 666-8790



Chartered in 1965 as a Maryland Corporation,  MARTIN L. KAISER, INC.  specialized in the repair and manufacture of industrial controls and related systems.   In 1967 the product line was expanded to include manufacture of electronic countereavesdropping, eavesdropping, bomb detection and bomb disposal equipment. Each of these product categories became widely accepted, primarily through word-of-mouth recommendation. Although the following pages represent only a few of the many products manufactured, they demonstrate a general capability. The company supplied equipment to and serviced many foreign, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and industrial customers.

MARTIN L. KAISER, INC.  provided a limited research and development capability to assist customers with special electronic problems.

MARTIN L. KAISER, INC.  consistently endeavored to present a realistic approach to a wide variety of electronic security problems.   Our countereavesdropping equipment covered the three basic categories of transmitters, hard-wire systems and telephone alterations.

For a basic countermeasure capability, one of the 1040 series kits when used with a spectrum analyzer covered from 50Hz to roughly 4,000 MHz. A wide variety of accessories surround these kits.  The 1080H Telephone Analyzer provided a more detailed analysis of telephone or intercom systems.

Our explosive ordnance disposal/improvised explosive device disposal (EOD/IEDD) bomb detection equipment was designed to locate various types of mechanical and electronic triggering systems. The 2047U/C ultrasonic/contact stethoscope and 2010 or 2010A Doppler probes were valuable tools for this purpose.

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