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Cambridgesound/Dynasound  Interested in noise/sound masking equipment as a defense against microphones... including laser microphones... contact Cambridge Sound.

Saul Mineroff   Saul has been in business for nearly as long as I have.  Check out his site for some interesting equipment.

Martel Electronics   Another site covering recorders, monitoring equipment and a lot more.

AlphaLab Scientific Instruments   You are not going to believe this site. They deal in paranormal and supernatural phenomena detectors... among other neat things.

Supercircuits  Miniature video cameras, transmitters and accessories.

OptoAcoustics  A good source for fiber optic microphones.

Gcom Technologies   A good site for covert equipment and a lot more.

minXray   Quality continuous wave (CW) X-Ray systems for electronic countermeasure and IEDD/EOD requirements.

The "life blood" of any true electronic enthusiast is KITS, KITS, KITS! Check out some of these interesting sites...   ELECTRONIC RAINBOW  , Type VELLEMAN in Product Search ,  ELECTRONICSUSA and  CARL'S ELECTRONICS .

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