The POW GAL 100

The POW GAL 100 is a capacitive discharge firing device with integral galvanometer. A firing circuit may be tested at any time by pressing the BLACK galvanometer button. Any reading above one-quarter full scale indicates a satisfactory circuit. The large RED safety button, when pressed, connects the firing circuit to the line and releases the dumping resistor. When the RED button is released, the firing circuit is disconnected and a resistor placed across the firing capacitors thereby discharging them. The YELLOW charging/firing switch has a neutral or off position. Pulling this switch backwards charges a 40 uFd capacitor to 150+ volts DC.

Normal charging time is 15 seconds. Pushing the YELLOW switch forward connects the charged capacitor to the spring loaded output terminals. The galvanometer button can be pressed even when the firing capacitors are fully charged.


  • 1> Connect the firing line to two silver push button binding posts.


  • 2> Press the BLACK galvanometer button to make sure circuit is complete.


  • 3> Press RED safety button.


  • 4> Pull back YELLOW switch for approximately 15 seconds (until meter reaches full scale).


  • 5> Press YELLOW switch forward to fire.

    All POW GAL 100 circuits are powered by a single Alkaline 9 volt battery. Under normal conditions the battery will last over one year. The battery should be replaced when it takes longer than 30 seconds for the meter to reach full scale. To replace the battery, place the unit face down on a soft surface and remove the four (4) bottom screws. Lift off the dark gray bottom cover. Carefully remove the old battery and replace with a fresh one. Close the case and replace the cover screws.


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