The AUT9 applies either a swept ultrasonic (above normal hearing range) or audible tone to the line under test via the small alligator clips. The AUT9 is input protected to 400 volts DC or normal 100+ volt 20/30 Hz AC telephone ring signals.


Use the neutral and ground wires for tracing these lines. If no ground path exists, make sure the lines contain NO AC voltage. The ULTRASONIC tone can be applied to a telephone line even while in use. The SLR9A receiver converts the tone from the AUT9 into normal audible frequencies.

OPERATION: Insert the special 2,000 ohm headset supplied into the SLR9A HEADSET jack. Use either the ear hook or gray stethoscope tube. The stethoscope tube is worn under the chin with the sound output holes facing approximately 30 degrees forward. The ear hook adjusts for either ear. Insert the RED probe (input) cable into the ANTENNA jack. Place the power switch in the ULTRASONIC position. Hold the SLR9A case in one hand (you are the ground return) and use the other hand to hold the RED probe. Touch the probe to the wires under test to find the signal. Audio output is automatically limited to a comfortable level. Once the AUT9 signal is located, switch the SLR9A to AUDIBLE to find out if that wire is in use.

The SLR9A, an amplifier/preamplifier (such as the 1059) or an AM radio can trace the AUDIBLE tone from the AUT9. To trace a pair of wires, connect the AUT9 across the pair and search with the SLR9A or 1059 until the pair is found. To trace a wire bundle, connect one lead of the AUT9 to any wire in the bundle and the other lead to EARTH GROUND. This is usually the ground pin of an AC outlet. Hold the antenna of the AM radio at a right angle to the bundle and tune near 540 KHz to find the strongest signal. Follow the signal.

Either the SLR9A or an AM radio can trace the ULTRASONIC tone. Connect the AUT9 across the wire pair and place the power switch in ULTRASONIC. With the SLR9A in ULTRASONIC, search until the tone is found. To trace a wire bundle with the ULTRASONIC tone, connect one lead from the AUT9 to any wire in the bundle and the other to EARTH GROUND. Search for the tone with either the SLR9A or AM radio. Again, tune the AM radio near 540 KHz for the loudest signal. Follow the signal.


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