5 KHz to 5 MHz VLF Converter

The VLF59-10 is an up-converter that moves 5KHz-5MHz to 10.005MHz-15.000MHz.  Although specifically designed for use with the Avcom PSA 65x series of spectrum analyzers it works well with any receiver that can cover its frequency range. 

Connect the VLF59-10 BNC to the Avcom RF INPUT jack.  The unit is supplied with two antennas that permit connection to the power line ground or telephone, DSL and cable TV lines.   Other antenna configurations may be used as long as the wire is isolated with a capacitor having at least a 500 volt rating.  Turn ON the VLF converter and AVCOM and set the REFERENCE LEVEL switch at 0 dbm, the SPAN switch at .2 MHz/DIV and the VAR SPAN at vertical. With NO antenna connected to the VLF59-10, tune the AVCOM to 10 MHz and locate the 10.000 MHz local oscillator signal of the VLF59-10. Slowly tune the Avcom to move this signal to the LEFT edge of the screen. The first .005 to 2.00 MHz segment of coverage appears to the RIGHT of the 10.000 MHz signal.  Tuning the spectrum analyzer higher in frequency covers the remaing 2.00 to 5.00 MHz portion of the range. Connect an antenna. When the VLF59-10 is turned OFF the ANTENNA input is connected directly to the RF INPUT of the spectrum analyzer.   Do not use the VLF converter with any of the AVCOM frequency extenders.

A single 9 volt Alkaline or Lithium battery powers the unit. Normal battery life is in excess of 200 hours.