This Page contains several videos I have up loaded to YouTube.

The first is about my friend Frank Terpil.   I have known Frank since the early seventies.   He purchased several of my products which eventually led me to Egypt after the Yom Kipur war to assist President Sadat's palace guard. The movie is titled FRANK TERPIL - CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MAN  1 hour 26 minutes. Frank died a few years at his hideout in Cuba.

Terpil's activities in Libia can be viewed in the MAD DOG series.   Some of the segments are lengthy but well worth watching.

THE SPYING GAME is a production of the BBC.  24 minutes

My work as technical advisor on ENEMY OF THE STATE was a labor of love.  To watch the movie click here to go to  It cost $3.99 to view.  I built most of the electronic props such as bug detectors, tailing systems, covert devices and receivers.  You can read more about the movie on my web site at ENEMY OF THE STATE.  2 hours 10 minutes

I made appearances on TV, radio shows and in newspapers to promote my autography. This is a lecture I did at the THE BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY.  1 hour

My lecture before the LAST HOPE (Hackers Of Planet Earth) reveals my feelings about the US intelligence community and FBI.  52 minutes

Recently I appeared on the Progressive Rado Network (PRN.FM) show the INTELLIGENCE HOUR with Kevin Shipp. The segment is 55 minutes long.

Here is Kevin Shipp's lecture on the SHADOW GOVERNMENT. A truly frieghtening presentation. 1 hour 7 minutes

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