The 2050CA is an ultra-sensitive hand-held radio frequency (RF) detector with visual and tonal readout of relative signal strength. A six- position BAND switch selects either a broadband circuit or one of five tunable ranges. The meter displays the amplified signal while the HEADSET jack supplies a tone with pitch proportional to signal strength or demodulated audio of any signal with an amplitude modulated (AM) component. In the TONE mode the 2050CA functions much like the well-known Geiger counter.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: Connect the antenna to the ANT jack. Extend two or three sections of the antenna using only the heaviest or larger diameter sections. Plug the special 600 ohm headset supplied with the 2050CA into the HEADSET jack..  Place the TONE/AUDIO switch in the TONE position. Apply power by rotating the SENSITIVITY control clockwise to about three-quarters of its range. Set the TUNING control so the white indicating line points directly away from the words LOW END.

Start with the BAND switch in position 1. With the antenna held vertically, sweep an area (such as a wall) about 4 to 5 feet wide. Sweep the same area with the antenna horizontal and then perpendicular. Sweep the same area on bands 2 through 5. Move on to the next 4 to 5 foot section. After sweeping the walls, bookshelves, etc. carefully go over every piece of furniture. Get the antenna as close as possible. If the meter goes off scale or the tone goes too high in pitch or stops, reduce the sensitivity by rotating the SENSITIVITY control counterclockwise to no less than 9 o'clock. If that is not sufficient, shorten the antenna one or two sections. The 2050CA locates high power radio or TV stations for up to several miles.  It also locates low power signals (1 to 10 milliwatts) at distances of 5 to 25 feet. Bear in mind when searching for low power transmitters that high power signals from AM/FM/TV stations may reflect or reradiate from the least expected places. Use common sense when doing RF sweeps. For additional sensitivity, rotate the TUNING control for maximum meter indication. Use the B position of the BAND switch for broadband detection at lower sensitivity. When in the B position, point the white line on the TUNING control directly away from the words LOW END. Place the TONE/AUDIO switch in the AUDIO position to determine if a detected signal contains audio.

The 2050CA may be used in the "feedback mode" by connecting the small audio amplifier to the HEADSET jack using the cable supplied. Turn the volume to a comfortable level and point the speaker towards the area being swept.


External accessories, such as the 1 to 15 GHz extender antenna, use the unmarked jack on the left side of the unit. Frequencies shown on the BAND chart are approximate and for reference only.

Store or ship the unit with the antenna disconnected, the BAND switch in position 5 and the TUNING control pointing toward the words LOW END. A 9 volt Alkaline battery powers the unit for over 500 hours.

As with any piece of electronic equipment, remove the battery from the 2050CA during periods of prolonged storage.

   OPTIONAL ACCESSORY:   2050LOG - - 18 GHz Log periodic antenna.


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